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Shark eyes and what they tell us

Updated: Oct 19, 2023

Sharks' eyes are one of the most incredible portal on the sharks mind, and the story I wat to tell you is about how by aprechiatig their beauty and learning how to read their looks we can predict what's about to happen. It's a story meant to make you fall in love with every single shark and their details. If you have ever seen my Instagram page, you probably have a clear idea of the obsession I have with sharks’ eyes and the way these animals look at the underwater world around them. You can tell a lot about a future behavior when you learn how to see the conversation that goes on behind one single look.

If you ever get close enough and calm enough to look at a shark peacefully swim by, it won’t take you long to get lost in their eyes, mesmerized. Those eyes hide one of the secrets to understanding sharks and coexisting with them in the water safely. But, first things first, before you learn about shark eyes ad what they tell us, you will find that they are a pure display of beauty. Every individual hides a multitude of stunning details behind every look paired with a boldness that is a dream come true for underwater photographers.

But what does it look like for a beginner? Picture this. You finally are face to face with a shark, you are safe, the people around you know what they are doing, and you might even be in a cage. You finally let go of the fear and anxiety of sharing the water with the sharks. You realize sharks are beautiful and calm animals and not man-eating monsters. This is where the fun begins! You start picking up on details, their skin, their scars. Their eyes look back at you curious, not vicious. They are just beautiful.

Sometime later, it's now your fourth time in the water with them. The initial adrenaline has faded away and you are coming back for a calming and controlled experience because every day in the water is different. Now instead of focusing on diving down as much as possible, you float calmly and just observe, aware of more and more details all around you. The ocean has a way to tell you a story and the sharks tend to highlight the important bits. This is when you start to recognize individuals and notice where their eyes are looking and how. The more of these looks you learn to pick up on will give you a complete picture of what's going on around you, behind you, and sometimes even out of sight.

I would do you a disservice if I told you that this rule was the ultimate solution to coexist with the sharks. Until you dedicate your whole existence to a species you won't really get to experience this freedom and comfort completely. Like with everything, it takes time to learn, even more so when dealing with wild animals and their free will. Until then I will keep sharing my photos, my experiences, and my adventures.

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