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You see a lot of wildlife and art on this website and I wanted to display a little more personal and raw beauty for a change. There is something extremely special about photography that allows all of us photographers and storytellers not only to create beauty but also to find it in our everyday lives. Because sometimes beauty is all around us, and it's about a look, a smile, the right light, or an entire moment captured in one single photograph. On this page, you will find people photography and people's stories, what they love, the art they create, and the businesses they built. The real beauty of the human experience. 

A Shared Life

To be invited into the home of an artist is to step into a world made of slow, genuine moments. While going through the photo stories of some local artists l've been stalling on those moments shared with loyal companions and family..


Getting injured, going back to my roots with a brace and a camera, and feeling the need to take photos even out of water was one of the best things that came out of this year. I got into photography with the goal of ending up in the water to spend as much time as I could in it. And I did that. And yes I enjoyed training on all types of photography but I didn’t cared much for it unless it involved the ocean or snakes. So to fall in love with photographing people in their element, capturing the souls behind the art that artists put forward was unexpected. 

Mother and son blue eyes family photos in Hawaii

The Love of a Mother

When in comes to family portraits and people photography I like to wait for those moments that are already part of a relationship to happen. It takes some patience but the photos are often there to capture without much direction if not maybe guiding a look.


The job of a photographer varies from family to family. Sometimes all you have to do is blend in the background, some other times you have to get more involved to allow the people in front of you to warm up to your camera. People photography is not a science, it's an art.  

A Jeweler in the Mountains

I ran away from Italy and from my mountains chasing a dream, but the way some people made that dream happen right there without uprooting their whole lives never stopped impressing me. Martina is a silver jewelry artisan and the creator of Lares Jewelry from Valtellina and from that valley, she moved even deeper into those old mountains I still call home. Photographing her creative process was just as inspiring as seeing her art turn into a small business. 

Handmade jewelry making is a slow and careful craft and the photographs that came from it tell a tale of a peaceful world. A silent valley. And a full and real existence. 

Artist making Silver jewelry in their studio by a window in the alps of italy

Martina was the first of three artists I worked with in Italy. Her art is inspiring and detailed. Every piece is a small art creation and tells a story. A lot of the work she does is custom-designed to tell the story of the clients she works with and I sat next to her and took photos of her creating every detail, one by one. I'm in awe to have witnessed such creativity in the homes of such inspiring artists who turned their passion into a dream, and their dream into a business. Creating a photo book for each of them was some of the most inspiring projects I've photographed in years. 

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