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"How did your photography career start?"

My career as an underwater photographer didn't start with a mad love for photography. I was well on my way into my journey in fine arts and painting specifically when I started scuba diving and decided I wanted to be underwater for the majority of the rest of my life. From there I rerouted my studies from Italy to the US and started learning photography from zero to eventually get to specialize in underwater photography. 

"What advice to give people starting their career in photography?"

As you start your career in photography don't focus on your specialty alone. Photography is a lot more than the field you enjoy. Photography is art, light, history, and literature. With photography, you are telling a story and your toolbox goes beyond what lenses you buy. Your skill set is your visual journey and that attention to detail will set you apart from the rest of the world. 

"What do you aim to achieve with your images?"

I’m here to tell you a story. To show you what I see when I’m in nature: the details nobody notices, the wrinkles and folds that disappear in a moment. With my photos, I want to create a world that otherwise would only exist in my head or my memories and there is something so precious about sharing those moments and ideas with the world. 

"Can I book an underwater shoot if I can't swim?"

Depending on what shoot you book you don't necessarily need to know how to swim. I require a good level of comfort in the water only for open ocean photoshoots but in the shark cage or the pool you don’t need to have any particular skill. Pool shoots will come with specific training and coaching that will help you get comfortable enough to sink, open your eyes, and get used to the water around you.  

"Can I have the raws?"

I get this question a lot and the short answer is: No. No RAW files or unedited photos are released to the client. Depending on the shoot you will get watermarked proofs for selection that are meant to be viewed only. 

When you book a shoot with me you book an art product from start to finish and quality control is extremely important for style consistency. I love selecting the images with those of you that book a private freedive shoot or a portrait session, but the post-production process will be executed entirely on my end. 

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