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The Photo Adventure That Will Change The Way You See The Ocean

Are you ready for your next adventure? Whether you want to learn a new skill, build your portfolio, or experience the ocean in some of the most beautiful places in the world, you are on the right track! I'm here to help.

Somewhere along my path, I realized there is something I love more than spending all my time in the water in the most incredible places on this planet and that's sharing all of those experiences with like-minded people. I can write blog after blog about my journey, my underwater photography career, and all my experiences with wildlife and photography, but there is nothing like sharing in person and teaching in the field. The experience is so much more valuable and the material makes so much more sense once you can learn and practice at the same time.

This won't be your everyday expedition. We will be jumping in the middle of the ocean in search of wildlife, but this is also a mentorship expedition for divers and photographers. Both will team up to create portfolio work. Underwater photographers will practice on wildlife and people, while divers will be taught the best posing techniques for both dynamic photos and portrait shoots.  


The Azores photo Expedition

September 2024 - 2 spots left


There's a group of islands off the coast of Portugal that often flies under the radar. It's a remote location that looks like a tropical Iceland and many call it the "Hawaii of the Atlantic". But better. This hidden destination is a hot spot for migratory wildlife, sharks and rays all immersed in some of the most beautiful landscapes you'll ever see. Join me for the experience of a lifetime in the Azores. An underwater paradise that hides a world of beautiful biodiversity and untouched dive sites.

The Bahamas

August 2024 - 4 spots left

Photographer learing underwater photography with dolphins in the Bahamas

I grew up traveling and one of the first memories I associate with adventure was trying to find the least crowded beach in the most unknown city on our path. I still carry that need with me. The Bahamas was just that. I know it can be a popular location but, if you find the right corner of paradise, on the right island you get the whole ocean to yourself. This expedition is dedicated to a small group of people who want to get lost in nature without having to worry about sharing nature with anyone else.  

Orcas in Norway

Orca swimming in black water in norway

If I have to pick one experience that has changed my life, it would be swimming with orcas in Norway. Both as a diver and an underwater photographer it turned out to be a challence and a dream. I can't wait to share thos experience and what I learned with you! If you want to know moere about this experience but you dont know what to expect, you can find a little more about it HERE 

Luxury Mermaid Photo Retreat in Hawaii
 10 spots available

little mermaid kayleigh swimming underwater in a cave

When it comes to mermaid photography Hawaii changed my life. Incredible seascapes, beautiful beaches, and a ocean that looked like a page taken out of my favorite adventure book took my mermaid photography to thr next level. I am excited to open up this new Mermaid Retreat where you will learn everything you know about creating stunning mermaid photos from start to post production. 

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