Learning a new skill can be very difficult, especially without guidance. Tutorials can be very helpful but if you are just starting out even picking the right gear can seem like an impossible task. And even after you picked your underwater housing and the right camera, underwater photography in particular is such a hard specialty to tame. The moment you hit the water a lot of the rules of photography change while some others still apply. Throughout the years, in college first and then in the field I got to experiment and go through a lot of those challenges that come with working in the water, so now you don't have to test it all out on your own skin.

Underwater Photography 101


Online mentoring is the best way to get introduced to underwater photography or even just to get some extra tricks and tips to find your own personal style. 

Hands on


Hands on workshops in pools and in the ocean. 

How to deal with photography while diving with wildlife.


These lectures will be presented in collaboration with Andriana Fragola. They will present how to approach underwater photography whie dealing with the wildlife around you. All the dos and donts

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