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Hi, welcome to my workshop page! If you made it all the way here you are either interested in underwater photography and don't know where to begin, or you are as passionate as me about sharks and want to get your shark photography to the next level. I'm excited you are here! On this page, I will be posting every opportunity to learn what I have on schedule. If don't find what you are looking for, please reach out. I specialize in most types of underwater photography and I can help you get started. 

Shark photography 101

I have a secret about shark photography I would like to teach you. If you love photography but you are not a professional shark diver there’s a way to get great shark photos with little to no experience.


Experiencing sharks without boundaries is great and an amazing life experience but creating underwater photographs is hard to even without adding sharks to the mix. Luckily the North Shore of Oahu in Hawaii offers the unique opportunity to experience sharks at all levels of experience. Hawaii, for this reason, is one of the best destinations in the world for shark photography, and working with Haleiwa Shark Toursthe only shark cage company owned by native Hawaiians, gives me the chance to teach you the craft. 

So here are some insights from what I have learned throughout the years working with Hawaiian wildlife. 


Shark and wildlife photography takes time, the animals need to be comfortable with your presence and you need to be aware of everything happening around you. I can't even begin to tell you how long it took me to start getting decent shark photographs while freediving with these animals. It took months of constantly diving professionally with my camera in tow and working alongside the sharks to start getting photos I was actually satisfied with. Shark photography often comes with a life commitment and that’s time not everyone has at their disposal. 


So, for those of you that still want to get good underwater photos and art without dedicating your entire existence to the sharks, I have some tricks up my sleeve and I would like to share them with you. All you need is a cage and a photography coach. Book to join me on the ocean off the North Shore of  Hawaii and learn how to take portfolio-quality underwater photos in one session.

Galapagos shark playing with a leaf
Galapagos with ripple shadow on skin underwater

What's included in your Shark Photography Workshop

  • 1-hour zoom session the day prior to the workshop

  • 30-minute camera gear inspection prior to boarding your boat

  • 1.5-hour Boat ride included

  • Mask and snorkel provided

  • Presentation on ocean photography

  • In water coached photography session

  • Online manual 

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