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For me, underwater photography was one of the most exciting challenges. I learned classic visual arts and regular photography before I got to ever take a camera underwater and the water is where I took all I've ever learned. Reshaping techniques to take studio photography to a new element like the water gave me drive and excitement throughout my first projects and assignments. Light is what I look for always, whether I get to create with it or obey its rules, the way I choose to dance with it can turn a digital file into a story.

little mermaid swimming underwater against the sunlight by the kelp forest in the ocean in california

I have a controversial take on mermaids. Mermaids were never my favorite fantasy as a child but they are the only legendary creatures with a chic way into conservation. Giving mermaids a voice and having them speak about the silent killers that destroy our oceans was an elegant spin that took over the very beginning of my career. I got to create so many stories with a character so malleable and unique at the same time. So many cultures have mermaids at the root of their folklore and as I got to create and meet some of the most amazing talents and people, I started appreciating the reality of a mythical creature that comes in all shapes and colors. From the selkies of the northern sea to Mamba Muntu, the water spirit of western Africa. 

Pilot whale belly diving underwater upside down in hawaii blue water


The love of my life will always be the ocean. I live for the interactions that often last no more than a few seconds but that end up pausing time. In those moments, sometimes wildlife gets curious and chooses to interact and on some rare occasions, animals come close enough to look straight into your eyes and into your camera. Those are the moments I crave and the moments I want to share with you


This is my shark appreciation collection. I spent years sharing the beautiful blue water of Hawaii with these amazing apex predators and I owe them so much. Every species taught me so much about how wrongly sharks have been pictured by the media. Every individual taught me to pay attention to a language made of small movements and looks. I want to show you what that conversation looks like.

Sandbar shark playing with a leaf underwater in Hawaii

Breathe in slowly. Dive deeper. The peace that comes with this life lost in nature and dipped in water is the feeling I will never stop chasing. Photography while freediving is ruled by a special kind of balance. Underwater photography tends to have a different rhythm than normal land photography. Everything slows down and you get to wait for the right moment to unfold in front of your camera. But what happens when you add freediving on top of it? Freedive photography is a race against time in a world where you can only move in slow motion.

woman freediver standing on ocean floor diving in cressi gear in hawaii
Halloween underwater photoshoot in hawaii with model wearing jack o' lantern costume


Is it Halloween yet? This is my favorite time of the year to play and bring creativity to a new dimension. In pools, on the reef, and even in blue water surrounded by sharks, fall brings a little more spice to underwater photography.

Macro photography of wild green house frog invasie species in hawaii

I grew up fascinated with the little (and sometimes not so little) dinosaurs that still roam our planet. The variety of species in which snakes and lizards, frogs, and salamanders, have evolved and their ability to hide makes finding, observing, and photographing these animals so exciting. Often the search can be unsuccessful, and still the process is just as fun as finding the targeted critter. Every photograph holds a story of an adventure lost in nature.​


Behind every person, there is a life to share, a love to discover, and a story to photograph. This kind of photography is very different from the world of underwater photography you are so used to seeing on this site. Here I don't create. Here I wait for the moment to happen before I even raise my camera to capture it. In this world of people photography I find myself connecting with visions, people's emotions, their art, their family, and their dreams. On this page, you will meet real people, real stories, and the photographs that were stolen during those moments.  

Artist working on Silver jewelry part of a photo book portrait photographed in Italy

We create worlds in this space. Creativity with no limit, stories with no boundaries. Playing without gravity and writing all the rules allows for the wildest concept to come to life in a controlled environment. Here I get to experiment with new techniques and new equipment. And even if the model in the photos isn't the best swimmer, it’s beautiful to watch them slowly start to trust the water around them and finally give in to the ability their body has to relax and let the water take control.

woman posing for underwater fashion shoot in yellow dress in a cenote in mexico

Open Water Studio


This is the element that drew me to underwater photography. The last element to master and never to be tamed. The ocean floor offers some of the most incredible sets to work with but operating in open water is difficult, variable, and hardly ever consistent. Takes a lot of communication before the shoot, and a high level of skills and comfort is required from the model because once the photoshoot starts we are actively working with the ocean’s mood to make the magic happen. 

Dolphin tails in light blue water swimming underwater in bahamas


I was an artist before I was ever a photographer and the medium that challenged me the most was watercolor. The pastel tones challenged me, and the lightness and permanency of the layers scared me. Similarly, I'm intimidated by murky water on white sand. Lighting becomes a challenge as everything becomes a highlight with soft shadows coming from all directions. It feels like you are blindly swimming in a softbox trying to take a photo while the wildlife speeds past you in and out of vision. 


Black Water


What's your biggest fear? Mine used to be the unknown. Still is in a way. Wildlife changed the game for me and even looking at the sharks in thousands of feet of water made me feel so much better. It made me feel like I wasn't left alone in the water with my brain and my thoughts anymore. Eventually, I realized that there is no difference between 200ft and 5 thousand and the deep blue water started bringing me comfort instead of fear. This collection is dedicated to that fear and the animals that helped me overcome it.  

crown jelly fish in dark water in hawaii underwater with fish swimming nearby
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