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Private Photoshoots


Ready for your next underwater adventure? The water is an incredible world to live, experience and explore. I'm excited to document your journey or make your vision come true. Click here to book your session.


Phofessional photographs and videos taken in the water with the sharks with Haleiwa Shark Tours. Your underwater photos and videos are taken on a professional DLSR high resolution camera and gopro. 


Beauty, fashion and portrait photoshoots. These photoshoots are technical studio shoots submerged underwater. They work at a slower pace than freedive shoots with a lot of coaching geared towards underwater modeling techniques to maximize time and results.

Freediving action underwater photoshoots from level 1 freedive classes, to private training shoots, to one on one adventure shoots. 


Free 15 minutes consultation designed to answer your questions and find the product that most fits your vision with no obligations. Underwater photography is less complicated than it seems with the right guidance and coaching.

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