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Living the Explorer Life

Updated: Nov 15, 2023

There’s a trick to life that I’ve discovered along my photography journey. No matter where you are, what your job is, or what your life looks like, there’s always room to play and discover and that’s really the secret to happiness for me. Living the explorer life is fun, you live incredible moments deep in nature but it’s a life that requires sacrifice and commitment. So what if I told you that you don’t need to devote your whole existence to adventure to experience those incredible moments lost in nature in remote parts of this planet? Anyone with a good sense of adventure can do it. Photography gives you a purpose but you don’t even need to take photos or have a fancy camera to experience nature.

Atlantic bottlenose dolphins swimming in front of photographer in the Bahamas

This lifestyle comes with a little bit of practice. So what if we looked at adventure in a different way? As if it was a mindset and not something only people on tv, famous photographers and videographers, or the most popular social media creators could do? If you have followed along this far, you have a little of that fire, that curiosity that keeps you glued to the screen when you see a beautiful sunset or the perfect aerial shot of waves or a photo of desert dunes.

So what’s the secret? I experienced some of the most incredible moments working as a photographer but also just for fun, and I haven’t always lived in Hawaii, a few steps away from year-round crystal clear water. I come from the mountains of Italy, I lived in busy cities like Los Angeles and Milan, and along the cold Pacific coast of California. My love for nature more than underwater photography itself connected me to people and places all over the world. Friendships that my job alone wouldn’t have been able to provide. Maybe it sounds too simple to be true but it really comes down to finding your passion and sharing it with like-minded people.

That life, those moments, and those friendships are the reason why I’m organizing new photography expeditions starting with the Azores, the Bahamas and Hawaii. I want to share these beautiful moments with people that want to experience nature, photography, beauty, and adventure. Because maybe we can’t all be explorers but we can surely experience this world and wildlife just as deeply and connected as any professional wildlife photographer out there.

I we share the same curiosity for nature and adventure, and would like to be the first to know about the upcoming expeditions, join my mailing list here!

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