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Sand dunes wall art underwater photography


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Chiara Salomoni - Underwater Photographer

Welcome to my world! I’m here to share with you this incredible adventure I get to live behind the camera one breath at a time. For me, it all began  when I tried on a dive mask for the first time and started seeing the real beauty nature has to offer underneath the water surface. Creating stories to narrate that beauty through my art and underwater photography is my life's calling. From the clear mediterranean seascapes, to the plentiful underwater world of Hawai’i, join in, breathe in, dive in.

Chiara salomoni in a cave in freedive gear in Hawaii
Corpse bride plastic pollution halloween photoshoot underwater in hawaii


To change the world in a positive way, getting people to see the beauty of our oceans is the first step. The second step is to give everyone the tools to appreciate beauty, see the threats that are hurting our seas, and recognize the power we all have within ourselves. Little by little we can all make a difference. 

Hand on jellyfish fish print underwater artwall


Exhibits, book launches, workshops and so much more! Here's what's happening next.


Next events:

Azores photo Expedition

Sept 2024


Underwater photography is a unique craft and if this is your first time shopping for a photoshoot, a workshop, or a print, there is a good chance you have some questions. Read through my FAQ page and contact me directly if your questions are still unanswered.

Chiara Salomoni Underwater in a cenote in Mexico

Sponsors and Partners

My journey would have not been the same without the brands that supported me all along. I am honored to be representing such quality gear and will happily answer any questions you have about their products.

Book your underwater shoot



If you are a private client, you can start by choosing the underwater photoshoot that fits your vision and pick your date. At any point throughout this journey, you can contact me with questions that aren't covered in the FAQ page. Seasons and ocean conditions can be difficult to predict especially if you are off-island, but we can always find a solution. Pick a product and a date and we will go on from there.  



Now that you have picked your underwater photoshoot and date, it is time for you to contact me if you haven’t done so already. This will take about 30 minutes to an hour and we will discuss all the details! I'm so excited to hear about your ideas and underwater concepts. Together we will evaluate what is the best way to turn your ideas into photographs to make your underwater experience unforgettable. We are creating art together. Closer to the day of your shoot I will reach out to you again. This time, to either confirm your pool address if that is the set you chose, or to discuss the hopefully favorable conditions of the ocean location we’ll be going to.



It's the day of your shoot! It's time to have fun and bring our heads together to bring your idea to life! The water has an interesting way to make you feel awkward especially when you are in front of the camera, but don't worry. That's what I'm here for. Whether you are freediving, in a shark cage, or posing in a pool, just relax and trust what I see and guide you as needed. The water will work its magic.



Now you leave things to me. I'm taking home what we created together and will edit it. This will take some time because it's where the creative process comes together. You will receive different products depending on the underwater photography package and experience you booked. If you were on a shark cage tour or on a freedive level 1 FII class you will get a link to your finished product 3-5 days from your shoot. For everything else, I will reach out to you again a couple more times so we can decide together which photos to proceed with for your finished product.  

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